Sat 12/21 6:30-8:00pm

Voluntary donations

Join Lorilee for 108 Sun Salutations to honor the turn of the seasons and shifts in our lives! Enjoy the flow of moving meditation taking part in some or all of the offering as you need. 
Afterwards we enjoy time together as a community!

Sat 12/07  1:00pm - 3:00pm

​Metta Member: $36
Early Bird (by 11/30): $41

Drop-in: $45

Learn the basics of crystal healing & craft a custom crystal beaded bracelet!

In this workshop you will learn the foundations of how crystal healing works, the history, how to select crystals for yourself, cleansing crystals & more! After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll review the available crystal beads and their specific healing properties.

Select the crystal beads that resonate with you personally to create your own unique stretch bracelet customized to you. You'll receive two hours of instruction, crystal healing guide sheets, a selection of crystal beads, and all bracelet making materials.

Crystal healing + bracelet making 

w/ Jamie 

Fourth Fridays every month

6:00- 7:00pm

regular class pricing applies

Sometimes, one size does not fit all. Sometimes yoga poses need to be adjusted or approached differently to make them accessible for EVERY body. Curvy Yoga is a new class designed for bigger bodies.

If you feel disconnected from your body, this is an opportunity to explore your strengths and flexibility without judgement. Show up as you are, and accept how you are showing up. Whether this may be your first yoga class, or you have been practicing for years, you will discover ways to make your yoga fit your body.

Join Alissa Will at Metta Yoga, every 4th Friday of the month from 6-7 pm, and become a part of our Curvy Yoga community.

Sat 12/28  1:00- 3:30 pm

Walk-in: $35
Early Bird: $32 (on or before 12/26)
Metta Member: $28

Balance mind, body & soul as you let go of 2019, tap into Presence and welcome a new decade!

During this time, you will rest deeply in the vibrations of two different gongs plus tune into the supportive and clearing tones of singing bowls. These instruments are designed to generate powerful ripples of sound and vibration that move into waves, surrounding and moving into your entire body, aiding you to rest in a deep state of being.

Gentle, supportive and opening movement will be included plus you can choose to receive Reiki during the experience.

Sink into the level of being beneath the swirl of the mind and the physicality of the body to offer. You will leave feeling tuned, aligned, open and vibrant.

healing sound immersion w/

Alissa & rhonda 

Third Fridays every month 


regular class pricing applies

Explore integrating the Shakti Yoga Wheel into your yoga practice in this monthly class using The Shakti Yoga Wheel Method®.

Explore traditional hip openers and back bends using The Shakti Yoga Wheel. Mary will guide you through a practice that will energize and ground you as you challenge your body, mind, and practice in familiar asana. The practice will culminate with pranayama and meditation.

The Shakti Yoga Wheel increases your base of support allowing poses to be experienced in a way that strengthens while creating length and space within your body.


108 sun salutations 


shakti yoga wheel


Curvy yoga

w/ alissa

4th fridays