healing sound bath 

With emily blanche 

yoga nidra for special needs moms

lower back workshop 

with danae barnes 


Sat 6/09 1:00-3:00pm

Metta Member $36
Early Bird $41
Walk-in $45

​In Katonah Yoga, asana is seen as metaphor. How you move through a forward bend, for example, reflects how you move forward—or don’t—in your daily life.

- For a healthy body and greater consciousness.
- Explore and free up your body, mind, and ultimately your life.
- Practice classical Hatha yoga & breathing techniques (pranayama),
- Develop your depths for stability, ability, and self-actualization.
- A potent and sustainable practice that transcends yoga trends and brands.
- Participate in your own well-being.

For more information on the Katonah Yoga Method founded by Nevine Michann visit: katohanyoga.com. No yoga experience needed come with an open mind.

In this workshop learn how to use measurement to have greater stability in your poses through new awareness of your body, experience an amazing yoga flow and pranayama breathing. Wendy is an author, speaker and yoga teacher, Join us for this extraordinary yoga work shop, receive a signed copy of TURN YOUR LIFE INSIGHT OUT, included in price ($15.00 value).

Wed 6/20 6:00-7:00pm

Royal Palms Resort: 5200 E. Camelback Road

Drop in: $17

Class passes and memberships apply!

Join Royal Palms and Metta Yoga for a soothing Double Gong Meditation that will leave you vibrating at a higher frequency as you enjoy the beautiful grounds.

We'll gather for the double gong meditation in one of their stunning rooms, where you'll enjoy the vibes of a 32" gong at the front of the space and the singular pulses of a 22" gong as it's played throughout the room and over your bodies.

Afterwards, enjoy some time at the Mix Up Bar or dine at the award winning T. Cooks (advance reservations required) and make it a luxurious night for you and yours.

Sat 6/09 5:30-7:00pm

Metta Member $16
Early Bird $18
Walk-in $20

This is a very special event that provides an experience of effortless healing meditation. The workshop includes light stretching from a seated position, pranayama (breathing) meditation and a long savasana while bathing in
the healing sound and vibration. No yoga or meditation experience necessary. This is ideal for students new to meditation as well as anyone wanting to depend their meditation practice.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat.

Emily Blanche's yogic and mediation journey began in 1993. With the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Sevak Khalsa and Sangeet Khalsa, Emily began facilitating Gong ceremonies in 2009. Having seen and experienced these forms of healing to be super powerful. The feedback and results from people who have received these treatments is what inspires her to keep going. With 2 decades of experience and study she helps people tap into their own power of healing and transformation. We are all capable and have to start somewhere... so why not now.

experience Katonah yoga basics


Double Gong Bath 

at royal palms 

Sat 6/2  2:30-4pm

voluntary donations

Journey into Joy is a group that meets once a month to practice Yoga Nidra (deep guided meditation).

This class is for moms who have a child with a disability or a chronic health condition (physical or mental). We meet the first Saturday of every month from 2:30-4pm at Metta Yoga. No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary. The class is donation based.

Please email Heather Joy Magdelano if you have further questions: ourjouneyintojoy@gmail.com

Sat 6/16 1:00-3:00pm

Metta Member $28

Early Bird $32

Walk-in $35

If you ever said, “My low back hurts too much to go to yoga today,” this workshop is for you! Yoga is a powerful practice for restoring full range of motion and reducing low back pain. However, not all classes are created equally. Many of us carry injury or compromise into today’s fast-paced classes, and can leave the room feeling frustrated- or even feeling worse.

This workshop is designed for those experiencing chronic low-back stiffness or pain. The class will provide concrete tools to break the cycle of pain= stiffness= avoidance= more pain.

The two-hour class consists of a brief overview of the general anatomy and mechanics of the lower back and a deliberately paced asana practice in a personalized setting. We will explore common asanas to help give you strategies for increasing physical integration and a greater sense of physical capacity in any class setting.

You will walk away with greater understanding and a clear set of tools to use in your daily physical practice. Using a new understanding of your own individual practice, you can break the cycle of physical pain and regain a full range of motion.