Emotional intelligence 

with alissa 

painting mandalas wITH deb althoff

staying on purpose with claudia

Sun 8/13 SOLD OUT and

Sun 8/27  1-3pm

Metta Member $29
Early Bird $34

This 2 hr workshop will be the prefect yin & yang experience. 

First hour starting with silks hanging high (waist line) will takes us through standing and balancing postures.

Second hour with silks low (knee height) will cradle us to deepest levels of stretch, spinal decompression and meditation.  Learn what you have been missing in your life.

❤️ Same workshop is available on two different date options:
8/13 1-3pm SOLD OUT  
8/27 1-3pm registration HERE.
REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED -- space limited to 9 students -- no walk-ins.

Fri 8/11 6-7pm

Voluntary donations.

Join the flow of yoga with Jennifer Kittoe and Kurt Kleinhans.  Live-music-flow is an all-level yoga class, featuring live guitar music by Kurt Kleinhans.

Stay after the class and get to know all the beautiful & inspiring people in the Metta community and the charities they are passionately supporting.

This event is FREE but we will be collecting voluntary donations for US Vets. Bring your spouse or friend and start your weekend filled with ambiance, bliss and a good cause.

Sat 8/12 2-3:30pm

Metta Member $24

Early Bird $27

Walk-in $30

Are you ready to release old emotional baggage that is weighing you down? To move beyond your concerns of the past and future, and find peace in the present moment? If so, this workshop is for you.

Our experiences in life are held energetically and emotionally in our bodies. When an experience is negative, we often ignore these difficult issues because of the strong feelings and emotions that are brought up. The longer we ignore these feelings the deeper we bury them, when that happens these issues show up in our body physically and can have an impact on our health and well-being.

aerial yoga workshops

with zuzana

live music flow​ with Jennifer & kurt

Sat 9/10  1-3pm

Metta Member $29

Early Bird $33

Walk-in $36

​Mandalas combine the benefits of a regular meditation practice, art therapy and color therapy. When we draw and color our own mandalas, we enter a sacred space for relaxation and healing on a deep level. Attend this Mandala Meditations Workshop and discover the creative and meditative vibe that comes from drawing your own mandala.

Learn how these little works of art can change the way you journal, manifest goals and meditate. All levels of artistic talent are welcome!

Sat 8/26 1:30-3pm

Metta Member $28
Early Bird $32
Walk-in $35

In this interactive workshop you will be guided to think and feel differently about aging, work, relationships and living on purpose at any age.

Perhaps, you are close to retirement or considering a new direction. This intro class is designed to help you imagine new possibilities that are aligned with your purpose.