Lorilee is the owner and operator of Moksha Ayurveda in Phoenix Arizona. She fell into Ayurveda during her Yoga Teacher Training at At One Yoga in 2007. A natural evolution stemming from 15 years as a bodyworker and the forever passion for using food as medicine.

After finishing her certification from Kerala Ayurvedic Academy and graduating as valedictorian she was honored to study tantra and Ayurveda with Dr. David Frawley (PanditVamadeva Shastri) in the Himalayas. She has continued her studies at The Sivananda Ashram with Dr. MarcHalpern and currently studies with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.

Lorilee has continued to further her yoga education studying under her ashtanga teacher Tim Miller and has completed both his Primary and second series teacher training. She has also completed an advanced 100-hour teacher training with Srivasta Ramaswami the only living student of Sri Krishnamacharya.

Yoga and Ayurveda is her passion and Lorilee will forever be a student of both these sciences. She lives in Phoenix with her son, husband, and pug.

zuzana kolinkova 

5 star rated yoga Instructor

Owner of metta yoga studios

Take your yoga practice to the next level!
Metta is proud to announce our Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour
yoga teacher training arriving in FALL 2019!

What started out as a method to stay healthy turned into a way of life for Jes.

Yoga created space for stillness and joy during a hectic life in New York City. After a few years of practice, Jes pursued first training with Sonic Yoga (2013) and then continued to follow the path of study both privately and in advanced trainings, and was fortunate to study with Lisa Benner, Elizabeth Rossa and many other shining lights.

She's excited to serve those exploring the path of yoga - namely with playfulness and joy as we dive deeper into self study and tap back into the innate vibrancy we all hold.

Jes is the Director of Metta Yoga's 200 Hour  Teacher Training - let her know if you have questions or are looking to join the exploration! Jessica@NewMettaYoga.com

We are confident that our carefully crafted program will create a rewarding experience, and long lasting expertise.  Our comprehensive curriculum will not only stretch you physically - you'll be mentally and spiritually transformed - on and off the mat. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi who wants to teach or simply longing to delve more deeply into the journey of yoga - our YTT is for you!​


September 2019 through  2019

We’ll meet regularly for both lecture/discussion and practices together with a mix of

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 – 6pm sessions


Saturday or Sunday (alternating) 1-5pm sessions

Exact dates available upon request: Jessica@NewMettaYoga.com


Early Bird #1: 2 month before the start ...$2500 ($500 discount)

Early Bird #2: 1 month before the start ...$2750 ($250 discount)
​QUESTIONS: Jessica@NewMettaYoga.com


Metta Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance Certified RYS designed to guide practitioners towards a deeper understanding of the practice and themselves. We’ll explore the different aspects of the yoga practice and how all of the different pieces come together to help you become your most vibrant self! Below are just a few details of what we’ll study:

Asana (active & restorative)
Philosophy (stemming from the 8 Limbs)
Special Populations
And more!

While we’ll do a great deal of studying together, trainees will also be expected to complete a number of non-contact hours including personal practices, quizzes, readings and more:

Karma Yoga Project
Sequencing Assignments (4 Individual sequences – 2 active & 2 restorative)
Bhagavad Gita Journal
Yoga Sutras Journal (4 – 1 for each pada)
Meditation Practice (including journal)
Mantra Practice (including journal)
Pranayama Practice (including journal)

You’ll also study intimately with teacher trainers completing a number of other explorations…

Observations (including journal)
Assisting (including journal)
Practice Teaching
And Practicum! (where you show off what you’ve learned in real time)

Metta's master level teachers Zuzana, Jes and Lorilee will lead your exploration into all the different forms and expressions yoga can manifest. Practitioners will immerse in yogic principles, history, anatomy, mantra, meditation, asana deconstruction, Ayurveda, sequencing and above all, personal development. Yoga is essentially a practice of self-study, so be prepared to go deep! 

yoga teacher training​ ​​FALL 2019 

Jessica tehan  

metta yoga

teacher training director

Zuzana is living proof of how yoga can change your life. 15 years ago, she was building her corporate career in the airspace industry, and now she owns and manages Metta Yoga studios in Phoenix and Scottsdale. She has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, and has now settled with her husband and dogs in Phoenix, Arizona. 

She was originally introduced to yoga by her grandmother in the Czech Republic, where she was born. Later, while living in Mongolia, she was being groomed for a professional career in gymnastics, but by her late teens, suffered severe lower back and knee pain from years of intense training. Zuzana returned to yoga to rehabilitate and heal, and redesigned her life’s career into sharing the power of yoga with others.

Detailed attention to alignment, healing, and therapeutics became a major element of her further yoga education, reflecting in her unique teaching approach. Her smooth sequencing and careful choreography have also been inspired by her gymnast years.

For the past 15 years Zuzana has been teaching over 10 classes per week, has published a 5-star rated DVD on (available on Amazon and elsewhere), made several TV appearances, and has hosted an international yoga retreat with a renowned chef.  

She is currently preparing a new book & video program, and is very excited about sharing her knowledge & passion with her students in the Metta Yoga Teacher Training program.

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master yoga teacher

ayurvedic therapist