yoga therapy

sound therapy

(3) Pack $90 per session

(7) Pack $85 per session

The practice of yoga holds within it the keys to mental balance and steadiness, to regulation of the nervous system. In these one on one sessions Kim will work with you to identify daily habits and practices that best serve you. It really is about you. There is no cookie cutter answer for anxiety and depression. The solutions and practices are as unique as the person who has them. Using the ancient practices of yoga including but not limited to pranayama, asana, & meditation combined with the science of Ayurveda Kim will meet you where you are at and offer tools to promote well being and optimal health.

$299 for 3 class package  (individuals session only)   --  60 mins per session​​

yoga intro

$79 per session (60 mins) -- ($15 per additional person) 

$69 (+$10) FALL SPECIAL

yoga for anxiety and depression

$79 for 50 min

Sound Therapy is a way to reach into pieces of the mind and body that massage, yoga, traditional therapy and other modalities can't reach. As you lay in savasana (or any pose of your choice) feel the vibrations on gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other vibrational instruments wash through your form. The impact of the vibration will raise your body's frequency, change your molecular behavior and help to shift lingering tensions. Those who attend report all sorts of experiences like easeful relaxation, visions of color, vivid dreams and more. Afterwards, you'll leave with a sense of release, comfort and a calm mind.