Tina began her Aesthetic career over 25 years ago with passion and knowledge of nutrition and skincare. She has created REPLENISH by Pure Innovation -- a nutrient rich botanical oil that will nourish the skin with only the purest of ingredients. Each ingredient plays a specific role in supporting the health and radiance of the skin. REPLENISH was formulated to help keep your skin young and vibrant looking. Science suggested that the ingredients in REPLENISH may give the cells what they need to heal and repair themselves. After all, healthy skin is beautiful skin!

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Lumi-Lift (Non-Invasive face lift) - 90 min

Reg. $150 Pref. $131.25
This procedure combines professional exfoliating treatment of either Micro-planing or Micro-dermabrasion, a custom application of nutrients and utilizing the Lumi-lift modality.  The Lumi-lift is the only anti-aging device that simultaneously delivers LED light energy with micro-current and high frequency to stimulate deeper into tissue for collagen formation.  Therefore, addressing the deep facial creases caused by sagging muscles.  This is a great alternative for Botox.  It makes the muscles of your face plump, round and more youthful.  These two energy sources provide greater wrinkle reduction, tighter facial contour and aids in elimination of undesirable pigmentation.

Teen Maintenance - Facial 45min - Regular $70 Preferred $61.25
This facial addresses any stage of acne and will help to balance and heal the skin.

Custom Holistic Facial -  60 min - Regular $95 Preferred $83.12
A delightfully refreshing facial customized for any skincare need.  Utilizing organic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, combined with medical effectiveness to achieve maximum clinically proven results.

Hydrating Vitamin C Facial - 60 min - Reg. $95 Preferred $83.12
This amazing treatment is an application of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to promote healing, boost collagen production and binds 1000x’s more moisture, resulting in a plumper appearance on the face and neck and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin will be radiant and will have airbrushed finish after just one treatment. 

ADD-ON TREATMENTS - 15min - add to any facial - $25:


Is a minimally invasive exfoliation procedure that improves the appearance of the skin.  It treats sun damage, scars, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.  It also helps to enhance circulation and lymph flow.  The results of microdermabrasion are immediate.

Microplaning (Blading)
Is a non-invasive procedure for the removal of the outermost layers of dead skin cells on the face.  The Micro-planning process involves exfoliation of targeted areas of the surface layers of the skin using a very small blade.  The blade is stroked along the skin lifting the dead skin, facial hair and lifting pigment. Unlike exfoliating peel procedures, Micro-planning uses no chemicals and therefore less irritation.  The result is skin that is immediately freshened and youthful.

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Tina Louise Seitz LME 

Tina began her Wellness career over 25 years ago with the passion and knowledge of nutrition and skincare. Tina opened her own skincare practice in 2008, that instantly grew in the local community. She furthermore utilizes her expertise to consultant with many business owners and physicians to custom formulate skincare and supplements as well as promoting in the development of their companies.

Over the past several years Tina has been highlighted in Arizona as a skincare expert with numerous appearances on many of the areas local TV channels, as well as national TV and radio appearances and international podcast.

Her skincare is founded on the belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin and that the products we use on our skin should be pure and bio-available in the cells. Give the body what it needs to heal itself, reversing DNA damage, reducing inflammation, and reverse the aging process.  True healing begins within.  Your skin is her passion.

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Book online HERE or call 602.717.4154