• What should I wear? Come dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You will remained clothed throughout the session, however, if you opt to include Thai Foot, the pants you’re wearing will be rolled or folded up to the top of the knee.
  • May I eat before? It’s recommended that you do not eat 2 hours before your appointment. However, please plan on being well hydrated and using the restroom just before the session.
  • What should I do if I’m sick? When sick, you should post-pone the appointment. This way your body can rest and process the sickness at its own pace and you won’t pass it along to others by being out.
  • Can I have an appointment if I’m pregnant? While the traditional sequence and treatment is not recommended when pregnant, the modality can be adjusted to accommodate a pregnant individual for up to an hour. Thai Foot is not recommended when pregnant. Please let us know in advance.
  • What if I have allergies? If you have allergies, please share any you are worried about with us. The cream used during Thai Foot includes a varied number of essential oils and lotions.
  • What to expect? You’ll be in a private room in the studio lying down on a mat (propping with pillows, blankets, blocks and bolsters can help make any difficult positions more accessible). The lighting will be low with soothing music (if you have a preference around this please feel free to share). While we recommend a quiet focus on your breath throughout the session, you are welcome to chat or ask questions as you need.

thai bodywork 

Jes began her exploration of the body with yoga and has been teaching regularly (and frequently) since
2013. After practicing yoga she was drawn to finding more direct ways to help clients heal and expand
getting her certificate in Thai Bodywork from SWIHA in 2018. She’s been using Thai Bodywork and Thai
Foot since training to help clients stimulate their own natural healing capabilities, build a broader range
of motion in their joints, deepen the flexibility in the muscular tissue and tap into a greater sense of ease
and relaxation ever since.

Jessica tehan 

Thai Bodywork is anything but a normal massage. Sometimes called lazy man's yoga this is a
practice where you as the client relax on a mat and the practitioner begins to work over your
energy channels and create deep stretches and releases by moving your body into various and
unexpected forms.


  • Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps our body tap into its
  • natural healing capabilities
  • Greater range of motion in the joints
  • Deeper step into flexibility in muscular tissue
  • Awareness of bodily tension and relief
  • Clearing of the energy channels (sen in Thai Tradition)

Appointments can range from one hour to three! We all have hectic schedules and lives to live - however, if you have more time your body will open if we use that time for the treatment. 

60 Minute ...............................................................................$89

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