Take your yoga practice to the next level!
Metta is proud to announce our Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour yoga teacher training arriving in Spring 2019!

We are confident that our carefully crafted program will create a rewarding experience, and long lasting expertise.  

Our comprehensive curriculum will not only stretch you physically - you'll be mentally and spiritually transformed - on and off the mat.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi who wants to teach or simply longing to delve more deeply into the journey of yoga - our YTT is for you!​

New Student Special:

30 Days for $30!

Know someone with a delayed New Year's Resolution? A friend who could use some meditation and grounding? A neighbor who's always wanted to try yoga?

We could all use some more movement, mindfulness, and community! Help us spread the word about our 30 days for $30 special!

This special includes

* unlimited yoga

* unlimited aerial

* outdoor classes at  

   Scottsdale location

* 20% boutique discount

* 20% discount on new

   membership or package


 for 30 consecutive days.

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meditation program  

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The ancient practice of Meditation has become an important and efficient counter balance to our modern life style. With our days planned down to the last minute, excessive technological and visual stimulation, we often find ourselves anxious and overwhelmed.

But you don't have to be a Zen master or super low-key type to enjoy the benefits of this amazing practice to calm the mind. Liberate yourself into moments of stillness, and remind yourself how it feels to simply be present without judgments.

At Metta Yoga (at both of our locations)  we have prepared a wide variety of programs embracing different forms of meditation so you can explore and find the one that is right for you:



If you are reading this, it means you may have already found your yoga home:Metta Yoga — the place of loving kindness…regardless of where you are in your yoga studies or experience.  

Now you have an opportunity to refer your friends and family to the Metta Yoga magic as a Metta Ambassador.  Refer three friends to our new student special program (“30 days for $30) and get a $30 credit for purchases in our boutique.  Time for a new mat, yoga outfit, or some luxurious saffron and citrus lotion?  

There’s magic for everyone when Ambassadors refer new students!  Please make sure that those you refer write down your name when filling out our New Student Form, specifically the field: “How did you hear about us?”.  Your credit will be automatically issued and you will be notified via email/SMS.  If you have any questions or want to check on the status of your referrals please email us at info@newmettayoga.com

Aerial YOga

our frequent flyer program   

new student special

30 days for $30

Explore our Metta Yoga silks to their fullest expression: hanging high/hanging low … supporting you/challenging you …  lifting you /grounding you.

See our aerial schedule and take advantage of our discounted new student special: 30 days for $30

REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED - space is limited to 9 students. We have launched with 8  weekly classes:





Read what the owner of Metta Yoga Zuzana has to say about  this new program. Read more HERE.


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