24hr Yoga Alliance CEUs

Join Sagel Urlacher for Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training at Metta! Equal parts science and spirit, Yin Yoga & Meditation is a practice of optimal health and wellbeing for the Whole Self.

Combining the practices of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation creates powerful possibilities for transformation and holistic healing on all layers of being- body, mind, and heart.

More Information HERE.

We are excited to announce a new feature of Metta Yoga student's art gallery Friday, April 12th:

6 PM Yoga w/Jen Kittoe & live music by Kurt Kleinhans 

7 PM Art Gallery Opening

Join us for an evening of food, friends and art featuring our beloved member Kimberly Harris and her inspiring art from all over the world. 

Kimberly is a multi-media artist including steel, clay, printmaking and watercolors. This exhibit will feature watercolors of her travels: temples from China, markets from Peru, Chickens from Greece, architecture from Italy, and more.

Learn more about the artist HERE. Kimberly’s work will be featured April 2019 through July 2019.

Aerial lunch



new student special

30 days for $30

Take off with Zuzana during Aerial Meditation.  Two flights weekly to exciting destinations like balance, tranquility, relaxation, clarity, focus, and harmony.  

Scheduled departures on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15PM (landing at 1PM). 

This 45-minute format is a great complement to your lunch break while still leaving plenty of time for transport and food.  

This class will be a combination of gentle restorative yoga stretches, breathing exercises and different methods of visualization and meditation – all of the time supported above the ground by our heavenly silk hammocks. 

All seats will be in first class and we promise to be “on time - every time” ;)

many "hats" run Metta Yoga

staff awards 

New Student Special:

30 Days for $30!

Know someone with an delayed New Year's Resolution? A friend who could use some meditation and grounding? A neighbor who's always wanted to try yoga?

We could all use some more movement, mindfulness, and community! Help us spread the word about our 30 days for $30 special!

This special includes

* unlimited yoga

* unlimited aerial

* outdoor classes at  

   Scottsdale location

* 20% boutique discount

* 20% discount on new

   membership or package


 for 30 consecutive days.

Yin&meditationteacher training  

metta students gallery 

KImberly Harris

It takes many “hats” to run Metta yoga.  Not only 33 instructors, 14 “front-deskers”, and 2 aestheticians – but also our extended family:  accountant, insurance agent, attorney, cleaners, IT & web developers, and maintenance personnel.  

To celebrate every single one of these lovely people, we hosted a Metta Yoga staff party and gave out awards (with restaurant gift certificates).  Each award was accompanied by a representative hat ;-) 

Super Subber, Front Desk Magician and others. See pictures and read the details in our FB album.

​Big thanks also goes out to Adela’s Italian for catering the delicious cuisine, to White Poppy for the amazing floral decorations, and to Rani G for arranging our live jazz music.