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We know you are eager to get back to the studio, but the health and safety of our community is always our highest priority. So how can we support your yoga practice and responsible health guidelines at the same time? HYBRID CLASSES!

Hybrid classes offer the best of both worlds - one class is offered both in-person and online. This allows us to serve up to 100 students online, while staying safe and socially distanced with up to 6 students in our recording studio. ONLY THE TEACHER IS ON CAMERA, PARTICIPATING STUDENTS ARE NOT. Check out our latest safety procedures HERE.

To join the class online, go to the ONLINE CLASSES tab on our website or in the app, and choose any class, just as you normally would.

To join hybrid class in-person, go to the STUDIO  (HYBRID) CLASSES tab on our website or in the app and make reservation (required!)  Please preview our safety procedures in advance.

Regardless if participate online or in the studio, you will receive the recording.

This 90-minute session will enable you to identify the karmic patterns that keep you stuck. You will also uncover your unique dharmic destiny so that you can heal your past, expand your awareness of your unconscious choices, and learn how to live a stress-resilient, happy, healthy life that you love.

Get answers to the following questions, which inform the elements of your Dharma Design: 

  • How are your biggest challenges designed for you to learn and grow?
  • What is your authentic nature and the key to accepting yourself?
  • What are the patterns that keep you stuck in resistance and sabotage?
  • What are your health problems teaching you, so you can heal? 

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Metta Yoga concierge

DIFFERENT MODULES ARE NOW AVAILABLE: online/in-person, restorative/flow.

Email us for details:

Come join us! It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our next Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) class. Amidst the chaos and challenge of the current day we have developed a very flexible and meaningful way to embrace YTT. 

For the first time, we are offering individual training modules that can be combined to achieve your personal goals…whether it’s taking a deeper dive into restorative or flow, or brushing up on best practices for alignment and injury prevention, or moving all the way to attaining your teaching certificate. 

Our new YTT program is offered in a hybrid format, with both in-person physical practice and on-line streaming options. So no matter where you are physically, mentally, or spiritually there has never been a better time to embrace YTT.


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Teacher Training 




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Sept 7th  

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