daily Practices for vitality 

with lorilee 

Mandala workshop​ wITH deb althoff

New moon abundance with margie

Sun 7/2 & Mon 7/3     2-3:30pm

If you’re even just a little curious about how meditation can improve your life, we have the perfect workshop for you: Meditation for Beginners. Think of it as Meditation 101.

Seriously— we'll demystify the entire process and offer you clear, concise and practical steps you can take home and incorporate immediately into your life.

Mel Sellick teaches this 90-minute workshop which is structured in three parts- a talk, a guided meditation and then Q&A. She’ll begin by covering what meditation is and clear up some of the most common misconceptions, as well as explain various ways meditation can be practiced. You’ll then experience a fully-guided mindfulness meditation either seated or lying down. Finally, the Q&A will give everyone time to talk about their experiences and get answers to all those questions people are usually afraid to ask. Held in a very casual, interactive, no pressure environment, you are sure to learn something new and enjoy the exchange (inside and out).

Sat 6/17 1-3pm

Join Rhonda and Michelle to balance mind, body & soul! This is a wonderful way to take a time out to restore, relax, and rejuvenate.

Rest in Yoga Nidra bookended with the sweet sound of crystal singing bowls, supported postures designed to open the body and mind to receive and Reiki (energy alignment).

Sat 7/8/ 1-3pm

Daily practices are the foundation to a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

We will go over Ayurvedic daily practices that students can implement to increase vitality, boost the immune system, calm the mind, improve sleep and slow down the aging process.

meditation for beginners with mel Sellick


with Rhonda 

Sat 6/24  2-4pm

Mandalas combine the benefits of a regular meditation practice, art therapy and color therapy.

When we draw and color our own mandalas, we enter a sacred space for relaxation and healing on a deep level.

Attend this Mandala Meditations Workshop and discover the creative and meditative vibe that comes from drawing your own mandala.

Sat 7/22 1-2:30pm

The New Moon is a time of manifesting your hearts desire, abundance, and positive change.

We will evoke the power of Mantra during a slow flow of Moon Salutations and plant our seeds of intention for change during a heart centered meditation.

Bring a notebook and pen to journal your intention.