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metta yoga -- a trusted community of loving kindness
We are thrilled to announce our Metta Yoga community has a new home: 
4041 E THOMAS RD. SUITE #106, AZ 85108.
This beautiful 3200 sq feet space features floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick, high wood-beamed ceilings, and a fountain & bamboo theme to enrich your practice.

And it's not just our building that's been upgraded! We're expanding to become your go-to community wellness center with lots of added classes, workshops, concerts and events. Be sure to check our FB page to see the latest opportunities to connect and be part of our community. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A PHOTO-TOUR

With 2 separate studios, we are now offering private classes. Take advantage of this summer special:
Buy Private 3-class package for $189 (buy now, redeem before Oct 1st)

feel free to join our 30-day challenge benefiting our favorite charity - Rancho Feliz Foundation. Commit to take one class a day at either of our Phoenix or Scottsdale location for 30 consecutive days - between July 15th- August 15th.
Pay discounted $49 for this unlimited month of yoga.
When you succeed with your commitment - the entire amount will go to the Rancho Feliz. Regardless of wether or not you complete 30 classes, you still have unlimited access for the month.
Choose from the wide variety of 50+ weekly classes, by 30 instructors, at two different locations. On August 15th you are going to find yourself, happier, healthier, and knowing you supported a great cause. Take advantage of this unique opportunity - summer in AZ does not have to be boring and hot!
Make your $49 commitment NOW!

feel free to take a healing sound bath. This very special event that provides an experience of effortless healing meditation. The workshop includes light stretching from a seated position, pranayama (breathing) meditation and a long savanna while bathing in the healing sound and vibration. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary. This is ideal for students new to meditation as well as anyone wanting to deepen their meditation practice. Read more here.
Register HERE Unlimited Member $16 | Early Bird $15 | Walk-in $20

feel free
 to practice yoga outdoors and start your day on a fresh air with Metta Yoga Walk! Breathe in the ion-filled air from waterfalls on Tuesdays & Thursdays 7am and Sundays at 7am. This class is a meditative power walk through the Phoenician grounds. The most scenic spots will become the backdrop for short yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditation. 
Register for the Phoenician HERE

feel free to explore alignment, paranayama, focus, intention and kirtan (chanting) with Lisa Cohen. Lisa is passionate about advocating yoga for every body. Her classes are appropriate for all students willing to try something new and step out of what they might think is possible, ordinary or routine. With guidance and love, she challenges each student while nourishing the body with breath, awareness and clarity of alignment... and she is FUN! 
Register for Arcadia here.

feel free to Exhale! with Alexandra. This mellow class blends restorative yoga and Yin yoga, where all the postures are performed on the floor using a wide variety of yoga props, allowing you to stay in the postures for longer periods of time. This meditative practice with deeply held poses will release tension and stiffness in your back, hips, shoulders and legs. Alignment and the healing/therapeutic approach is a key element of this class.  
Register for Arcadia HERE

feel free
 to literally dive (although your head will be above the water the entire time) into this unique all-levels yoga class.With our lovely spring AZ weather, the popular Aqua Yoga class is back on schedule: Wednesdays 8:30am with Zuzana and Saturdays 8:30am with Rhonda (50 mins). Explore how the postures you know so well can feel different when supported AND challenged by the element of water. This special water yoga sequence is great for people with limitations as well as for athletes who want to deepen their practice. Please come to the spa lobby, where we will pick you up and guide you to the designated pool. 
Register for the Phoenician HERE.

 feel free
to welcome Gila back on our Metta Yoga schedule. We have two large gorgeous rooms in our new space, so we're adding classes! Make sure to check out our schedule! Gila will be teaching her Yoga Therapy class weekly, on Mondays 12:30pm at our new location at 40 Palms Plaza.
Register for Arcadia HERE.


feel free to meet Carrie. She first discovered the blessing of yoga in 1998, shortly after her second child was born. Yoga became a reflection of her years as a dancer, where she could be completely present in the moment. She was drawn to the trilogy of well-being that yoga brought into her life between body, mind, and spirit, at a time when there was much chaos. Understanding the deep healing power on a physical as well as mental level, Carrie began her search for a training facility that would nurture the learning process and fully prepare her to lead intelligent, safe and well thought out classes. She encourages her students to practice yoga not just on their mats, but as they walk through life with an open heart.
Register for the Phoenician HERE.

 "When the gong is played well, it cannot be ignored. It brings you to the present moment and that is what makes it such a perfect complement to yoga practice." said Zuzana when asked about using the gong & yoga together in her
interview for Channel 3, Your Life A to Z show. Check out our METTA YOGA YouTube page to see more of our videos
feel free to watch Metta Yoga on TVSee what Kat and Zuzana have to say on these topics. To experience the healing vibrations of gong at Metta Yoga, come for Kundalini Yoga with Yun Hui on Sundays at 4pm or take Healing Sound Bath on July 30th at 5:30pm - both at the Arcadia location.

feel free to use this ancient practice to develop self mastery with Yun Hui. Kundalini Yoga is a very complete science that deals with the triad of mind-body-spirit, the subtle energies of body and the chakras. It combines mental focus, breathing techniques, sound vibrations, body postures, hand positions, relaxation, and meditation to provide a more healthy and happy way of life for each of us. Experience your highest consciousness!
Register for Arcadia here.

 feel free
 to watch the clouds in the sky as you immerse yourself in our noon meditation classes at the beautiful meditation atrium (with a glass ceiling). Classes are offered Monday through Thursday in the atrium located behind the front desk of the Centre for Well-Being (the Phoenician's spa). Please make sure to RSVP as space is limited. Regular pricing applies (join as drop-in, use your punch card or come as Metta Member for FREE).        


"So much better than beer and a bucket of wings". Read more in a Fit(TBD) article by Allison Young about our new popular class Happy Hour Power with Sarah Jones. 
feel free
to release the week's energy with a different kind of happy hour to kick off the weekend. Be prepared to move and sweat to one of Sarah's fun playlist. 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free
 to meet our students: Stan M. sent us this amazing photo of his favorite pose Vrkasana (Moab, Slick Rock). "Tree pose (Vrkasana) brings me back to nature and make me feel like a tree balancing in the wind. It improves my riding and balance on Arizona's difficult mountain biking trails", says Stan.  We have also asked him what is his favorite class at Metta Yoga: "Master Flow with Lisa Cohen - her Saturday morning class is a blast and fun in a warm atmosphere. Her flow sequences condition my entire body for my outdoor activities. Well done!!!" Please, send us a picture of your favorite pose and share more information about your favorite class. We'd love to hear from you! See this and many more photos from our classes at our Metta Yoga FB page - make sure you "Like us" and check-in regularly :)

feel free to check out our second segment from Channel 3, talking about benefits of doing yoga outdoors. "When you consider that breathing is a foundation of yoga practice, just imagine the difference when you practice in fresh air - it enhances the entire experience!" said Zuzana in her interview on Your Life A to Z morning show. See the full interview here and watch more of our videos on our METTA YOGA YouTube channel.

feel free to enjoy live guitar music during your Slow Flow class with Kurt. His background in music is a rich source of inspiration for his yoga teachings for the past 10 years. He finds the interplay between musical chords, imagery, breath and physical experience particularly powerful in deepening the mind/body connection. His classes integrate live guitar music with the practice of yoga, forming an innovative union of meditation, yoga postures and breathing that brings inner peace and outer strength. 
Register for Arcadia HERE.


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