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metta yoga -- a trusted community of loving kindness
feel free to introduce your friend or family member to the healing powers of yoga: our YOGA INTRO starts in late September.
$35 Early Bird (by 9/11/14) | $49 Walk-in
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feel free to notice that we have added a new Exhale! class on Wednesdays at 10:30am with Zuzana. This addition has moved Kurt's Morning Blend 30 mis earlier, to 9am. Both Kurt and Zuzana are looking forward to seeing you Wednesday mornings :)
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feel free to bring more balance into your life with our sweet teacher Alexandra. Come to experience her Exhale! classes AM & PM in two different settings: Tuesday early afternoons at 4:30pm at the Phoenician, and Thursday mornings at 9am at the Arcadia location. 
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feel free
 to learn how to prepare, infirm & educate yourself best by integrating various yoga teaching techniques that will help to bring peace-of mind and calmness to both mother and the baby. This class is appropriate for expecting mothers at any stage of their pregnancy, who can be accompanied by partners, significant others, mothers, sisters or a close frined. Gila will teach you relaxing postures, breathing techniques, massage & pressure points. Register for this monthly Arcadia class here.

feel free to explore your connective tissue while enjoying a lovely meditative journey within. This new all levels Yin class primarily focuses on the lower spine, hips and pelvis and is a wonderful compliment to other styles of yoga that concentrate on lengthening and contracting muscles. The connective tissue requires time and gentle prodding and 
Donna will be standing by to assist you with any physical concerns. 
She specializes in trauma- sensitive yoga therapy, she is also a school psychologist and a founder of the Karma Yoga Project - a local non profit that provides therapeutic yoga to underserved children and teens locally and globally.  Register for Arcadia here.

feel free
 to make Metta Yoga a refreshing oasis for your summer in the desert. Cool down in the Phoenician pools with our Aqua Yoga classes,  chill-out in the sanctuary of our air-conditioned bamboo studio with a wide variety of yoga styles, or breathe in the ion-filled cool air from waterfalls during our early morning Yoga Walks. Yoga Walk is now offered Mondays and Wednesdays with Zuzana, and Sundays with Cristy - always at 7am (60 mins). This is a meditative power walk through the Phoenician grounds (with the majority of the walk in the shade:)). The most scenic spots will become your backdrop to flow through short yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditation.
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feel free
to literally dive (although your head will  be above the water the entire time!) into this unique all-levels class. Our popular Aqua Yoga is now offered four times a week: Mondays & Tuesdays 9:30am with Zuzana and Thursdays 5pm & Saturdays 8am with Annemarie  (45 mins). The class is in full sun, so please bring a big hat if you want to stay in shade :) Explore how postures that you know so well can feel differently when supported and challenged by the element of water. This special water yoga sequence is great for people with limitations, as well for athletic people who want to get deep to their posturers.  Please come to the spa lobby, where we will pick you up and guide you to the designated pool.
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feel free to go organic. Now you can have an organic produce basket conveniently delivered to you at the Arcadia studio, and enjoy 20% Metta Unlimited Member discount.  Take a class, then grab a basket, and find your way home to cook a delicious, healthy dinner from veggies that were harvested only few hours before. Baskets are provided by FARMYARD, a local urban farm run by two sisters Sarah and Rebecca Kidwell. They farm at 4 properties right in the heart of the city, with one very close to our Arcadia studio. It is a well known fact that the more transportation time your produce gets, the less nutrients your food has for you. These girls harvest your produce the day they deliver it to our Arcadia studio - it doesn't get much fresher than that, unless you grow it yourself (which they can help you with as well!). They also offer organically fed, free range eggs, which can be added to your basket.

Baskets will be ready for pick-up Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm at the Arcadia studio:
Metta Unlimited Member $30 (5-week subscription $153 tax incl.)
Non-Member $36 (5-week subscription $183.60 tax incl.)
Add 1/2 dozen eggs $3.25 (5-week subscription $16.58 tax incl.)
 Please contact FARMYARD directly at 602.954.1440 or


feel free to celebrate with us! Arizona Foothills magazine named us in the TOP 6 YOGA STUDIOS in Phoenix, with special honors for our restorative yoga program including Zuzana's, Kat's and Lorilee's classes. Please read the details here and help us the spread this exciting news. 

feel free to lighten your schedule for a few weeks and cleanse with Lorilee in a supportive community setting. Classes will be held three Sundays in a row. This is not a fast, you get to eat! This is a powerful 21 days of not only cleansing the tissues of the body, but also cleansing your mental and emotional bodies as well. In the fall we are cleansing excess Pitta, heat or fire from the body.  
  Register for this WORKSHOP series here.
$68 Metta Unlimited Member | $76 Early Bird (by 9/11/14) | $84 Walk-in

feel free to get acupuncture-curious. Join at Myers and experience the elegant power of acupuncture blended with Qigong, foot fitness, Body Rolling and live music by Matt Myers. We will stimulate Bai Hui (translation: 100 meetings) the 20th point on the Sea of Yan Meridian. Bai Hui is the highest acupuncture point in the whole body. It's located on the crown of the head, nerest to the heavens and is a gateway to harmony, tranquility and calm. Bai Hui is used for: calming the spirit, nourishing the brain, lifting and preventing prolapse of internal organs, strengthening memory and expanding consciousness. Now is the time to enjoy your own company, move your qi, soothe your soles and be rested to Grand Unity. There will be needle-less options as well. 
Register for this WORKSHOP here - space is limited.
Metta Unlimited Member $39 | Early Bird $44 | Walk-in $49 (space permitting)

feel free to join the flow of yoga and wine with Brittany and Kurt on September 12th at 6pm. Slow-Vino-Flow is an all-levels class that features live guitar music by Kurt Kleinhans. Stay after the class to get to know all the beautiful and inspiring people in the Metta community, and the charity projects they are passionately  supporting. The event is FREE but we will be collecting voluntary donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Bring your spouse or friend, a bottle of wine and start your weekend with an evening filled with ambiance, bliss and good cause.
Registration required - space is limited.

feel free
to look for clarity and while gathering your thoughts, uncover the messages that lie within. Reflective time on our yoga mat is the perfect opportunity to hone our intuitive skills for guidance. Get ready to play with traditional asana and movement patterns, while gain insight with tarot cards. 
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feel free to save a date and to celebrate with us the autumnal equinox on Saturday 20th at 6pm at the Arcadia location. We will celebrate in our usual way: with 108 sun salutations followed by fun community time with plenty of drinks and snacks. VOLUNTARY DONATIONS.
Register for Arcadia HERE.   

feel free to join Rasoul for one of his weekly classes. For over 20 years Rasoul stayed a daily practitioner. He started with martial arts, later added yoga  and other forms of fluid movement. This powerful blend became a foundation to his unique teaching style - combining yoga. tai chi, and chi gung.  Rasoul's work has positively impacted all his students, inspiring them to transform their lifestyle towards healthier and more holistic way of living. Register for Arcadia here.

feel free to watch the clouds in the sky as you immerse yourself in our new noon meditation classes at the beautiful meditation atrium (with glass ceiling). Classes are offered Monday through Thursday in the atrium located behind the front desk of the Centre for Well-Being (the Phoenician's spa). Please make sure to RSVP as the space is limited. Regular pricing applies (join as drop-in, use your punch card or come as Metta Member for FREE). 

feel free to explore alignment, pranayama, focus, intention and kirtan (chanting). This vinyasa class is for intermediate and advanced students and teachers. The "follow the yogini" format is fun and exciting with an emphasis on a creative and challenging flow seqences. Come to try something NEW and FUN! 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to find yourself - in our Phoenician Rising IX. Facebook album here. Many thanks to everybody who came and supported our Metta Community. It has been another succesfull event, and we raised so much needed $$for amazing work of Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation. The weather was perfect and the energy was so special - it reflected in the fact that we had record per-participant donation! In the words of one of them: "I feel sorry for all the people I have forgotten to invite." If you are one of those people, it is not too late! Please consider donating or volunteering for this great foundation and make a difference in life of our neighbors south of the border - see more information here.

feel free to come to check it out our new lovely home. We are just across the street from our old location: Gaslight Square 3627 E Indian School rd. #108, located in the inner courtyard, facing the fountains and blooming bushes. The move has been so smooth and the space is so perfectly designed for us - it feels like we have been here for years. Raised ceilings and bamboo floors are loved by everybody!  You can watch the last 2 months of the space transformation in our FB album.

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